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expanding knowledge together

Geplaatst 18 jun. 2015 06:50 door Olivier van Wijk   [ 8 okt. 2015 02:15 bijgewerkt ]

High Culture is expanding it's knowledge on artists like:
Banksy, Thomas Schutte, Zero group, Claude Lalanne, Shinkichi Tajiri and others.
We have been made aware of original art pieces by Banksy like:
- microphone rat
- bling rat
- bomb hugger
- please love me
- blasta rat
- gangsta rat
- lock pick rat

We were impressed by the sight of Thomas Schutte's:
United Enemies

We love the sculptural design of mrs Claude Lalanne;
Table Lotus & Singe Carrée

and our exhibition program is related to The art works of Shinkichi Tajiri. Please join us on our quest for knowledge