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High Culture during TEFAF 2011.

Geplaatst 9 sep. 2010 13:23 door Olivier van Wijk   [ 13 jan. 2011 06:54 bijgewerkt ]

Olivier and Coco-Susanne Van Wijk, brother and sister, present in March 2011 a new collection of renowned artists in Maastricht.

From 18 to March 27, the exhibition includes works of glass by Sabine Lintzen ,  never exhibited works by Shinkichi Tajiri , steelwire models by Thomas Raschke, machine lights by Frank Buchwald and bronze sculptures by Dick van Wijk.

open on:
Wednesday to Sunday 10.oo until 18.3o
Thursday of 19.oo - 21.oo hours
Or visit after appointment.
From March 18 to 27 we are open every day from 10:00 to 19:00 hours. This is the period of the famous Art and Antiques fair TEFAF