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new office

Geplaatst 8 apr. 2014 01:55 door Olivier van Wijk   [ 19 mei 2014 00:01 bijgewerkt ]
office High Culture
We hebben nu ook kantoor in de westerpark buurt (westergasfabriek) in Amsterdam. Een korte lijn voor het opzicht krijgen van kunstwerken vanuit Maastricht en Roermond. Onze projecten op het gebied van kunst in de openbare ruimte, kunst educatie & events komen nu ook beschikbaar voor de randstad.

new office
With a new office in Amsterdam High Culture receives a scale in terms of events , arts education and arts purchase. Just as in the towns of Roermond , Sittard -Geleen and Maastricht sets High Culture in on art related projects .

Last time we presented art in Eci Roermond and the Kruisheren Hotel Maastricht. We valued art collections and conduct research into works of art that were offered atSotheby's and TEFAF
We accompany the purchase of art renowned artists as Claude Lalanne and connected suppliers and artists.
Innovative techniques such as 3D scanning and developments in the field of design and restoration have our attention .

With the VAR statement , we are an ideal partner for example, art schools who want a practical guidance to their students . Supra regional events get our direction and are socially relevant . Our network has a huge range of interfaces in the field of art and business. New exhibitions in Dusseldorf , Roermond and Sittard - Geleen on the program in 2014 and 2015.

High Culture
eerste Keucheniusstraat 32n
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