our company 'High Culture' has strong ties with European/ Dutch museums and collectors. Our family company focusses on sculptural objects in bronze and glass. On occasion Modern Art is requested by our clients. We are second generation art dealers/ makers and pride ourselves in being sincere since 1974. Regarding design, we provide an excellent knowledge base and a suppliers network of professionals regarding fabric, stone, metal, glass and wood.

During TEFAF 2016

Meet up with Olivier van Wijk at the preview of TEFAF.

During the TEFAF in Maastricht you can find us on and around the fair. Clients request our investigation regarding the authenticity, history and value of artworks which capture their interest.

During TEFAF 2015

A selection of works by Jack Ink and Richard Price will be available at the Kruisherenhotel in Maastricht.

A second exhibition can be visited at the NH Hotel next to the Tefaf.

High Culture presents contemporary art in Roermond and Maastricht and advises on the purchase of works of art at TEFAF.

Guided tours are available by appointment. You can Coco-Susanne van Wijk & Olivier van Wijk reached at TEFAF floor and by phone: 06-25046662

High Culture presents during TEFAF: Giampaolo Amoruso & Dick van Wijk

High Culture presents contemporary art in Roermond and Maastricht and advises on the purchase of works of art at TEFAF.

Guided tours are available by appointment. You can Coco-Susanne van Wijk & Olivier van Wijk reached at TEFAF floor and by phone: 06-25046662

Amoruso’s work can be seen at Italian ambassy in Gabon (Zuid-Afr) Glasmuseum in Charleroi (B) Museum voor Schone Kunsten, Tournai (B) Collectie Min. JL Dehaene (B) Stichting Ernsting, Coesfeld (Duitsland) Prive-collectie, Parijs (F) Prive-collecties in Germany, Belgium, France, Nederlands en USA. Also the Cultural Center Lommel (B) Stedelijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten, Kortrijk (B) Prefectural Museum of Glass, Pottery Sars-(F)

We salute the work of Dick van Wijk in the NH hotel right next to the TEFAF. The bronzes have unprecedented power and dynamism. Dick shows human and animal figures coalesce to produce striking creations. The work of Dick van Wijk belong to the world's greatest works of bronze and stainless steel and can be seen in the Park Hattem Roermond.

At two locations in Maastricht can the work of the talented glass artist Giampaolo Amoruso be seen. The Italian DNA is clearly reflected in the beautiful portaits and glass sculptures. Colorful, humorous and with excellent performance is the work of Amoruso not to be missed during the most important moment of art in 2014. The work of Amoruso can be seen in the Kruisheren Hotel in the heart of Maastricht and at the NH hotel next to TEFAF.

During tefaf: Stars & Stripes, March 2013

High Culture during TEFAF in Maastricht

March expo 'stars & stripes'

From 2nd to 31st March 2013 and especially during TEFAF (the world 's largest antiques and art fair), High Culture Gallery in cooperation with Gallery Mariska Dirkx present another intriguing exhibition: ‘stars & Stripes’

Based on the theme "assemblage art" High Culture brings again a remarkable collection. Gallery Mariska Dirkx provides a selection of contemporary glass art. slideshow: http://www.flickr.com/photos/glass-art/tags/tefaf2013/show

With a total area of 300m2 of exhibition space will present you artists that focus their visual practice on craftsmanship. Assembling different simple materials to create a sophisticated sculpture. Matching different media to create extra-ordinary effects which became visible through ‘the human skin’.

Puk and Olivier van Wijk concentrated on the development and realization of the bull from stainless steel. Thirty-seven parts are combined into an imposing sculpture with reference to the bull market and character traits like perseverance, strength and speed.

The exhibition will include the phographical-works of Claudio Orlandi. This Italian artist makes his debut in The Netherlands with his Tatuaggi di Luce, female nudes and warm Mediterranean lines projected on the body.

The French-Moroccan artist Max Boufathal shows his Bearskin made of bobbin ribbon with a size of 140 x 190 cm. Its realistic dimensions clearly show that the artist did not create it only as an art sculpture but also for an art performance inspired by the traditional shaman ritual.

Even more craftsmanship is reflected in The Phoenix of Studio-Re-Creation. Nikola Nikolov built it from wooden components, the theme of the line is the heart of this sculpture. This young artist will have his premiere at High Culture Gallery.

In the old bank vault of the building you will find a neon installation by the artist Jörg Hanowski. Jorg is one of the five artists in Europe with 3d neon works. His work combines sculptural elegance with three dimensional drawing with light.

Contemporary glass art by Matt Dyszkiewicz, Sabine Lintzen, Barbara Nanning and others are shown by gallery Mariska Dirkx

The exhibition is open the whole month of March.

Open every weekend from 11 to 17 hours. We are open daily, during TEFAF from 10 to 19 hours.

more information on www.highculture.eu

Glasstec 2012

In a cooperation of the two galleries Mariska Dirkx & High Culture the Glasstec 2012 became a stylish exhibit of contemporary glass art sculptures. A catalogue of the objects included can be requested by email and here are photo's. Galerie Mariska Dirkx is situated on the historic city defensewalls of Roermond. The picturesque surrounding of this ancient part of the city underline the character of the gallery. It has been a studio for over 120 years. The Stained Glass Family Nicolas occupied the entire building for their activities which were know throughout West Europe and even the USA. Since 1979 the family van Wijk- Dirkx settled in the building with its rich historical background. Currently, the sculptor Dick van Wijk has his studio at this monumental building. Several webpages are dedicated to his work. So, he continues the art-profession on ground level of the church like building. On the second level is the gallery situated. It is easy to understand why Galerie Mariska Dirkx started to present modern glass-objects. Joep Nicolas and relatives had an enormous impact on the stained glass profession. Because of this, Mariska Dirkx, became interested in their activities. Already in 1974, she presented art on a regular basis. And gradually the glass- objects got their deserved place in the gallery. In the garden, which is a surprisingly wide space in the center of the city, most of the bronze objects are presented. Years went by and the attention for glass-objects gained their place in the modern art scene. Now it is a full-time profession for Mariska and her children Olivier and Coco. Thanks to the art passion transmitted by their parents, Olivier and Coco opened two galleries in Maastricht: High Culture Gallery and Young Culture Gallery. www.highculture.eu

With the participation at art fairs in Strasbourg, Geneva, Innsbruck & Dusseldorf over the last 6 years, Galerie Mariska Dirkx is quiet active. The last 3 years they presented sculptural art at Concours Hippique in Lanaken, Belgium and Den Bosch, Holland. More and more people got in contact with glass as a modern art form. A masterclass was arranged in 1994 in the Art academy of Maastricht. Artists and organizers worked together with the sponsors to produce a successful event. Glass was gaining! Outdoor exhibitions in the town Tubbergen and Roermond were welcomed and provided a life dominated by beautiful art objects. In the gallery, 5 exhibitions take place each year.

Come and meet us! Dusseldorf, Roermond and Maastricht, you are always welcome!

The march 2012 exhibition

This exhibition runs forward and looks back on the shape of these wishes. And indicates a preferred choice of our own wishes with regard to paintings, sculptures and multimedia. We want robots but then with a cuddle. Strong and gold or droll and indestructible.

Location I High Culture Gallery - Keizer karelplein 8c, MaastrichtThe artist creates in his image ...

In art history with Futurism (1909 - 1914) gradually comes a view of the future that not only seems dark. The artists visual arts are based on a positive perspective with a small amount of irony. The characteristics of futurism are speed, power, aggression, progress and new technology.

The title of this exhibition refers to the continuation of Futurism with the current trend and interest that we as an audience around us receive. We are looking for speed in cars or information. for example: we want to experience beautiful things around us preferably with the aid of a robot in the future health care industry.

the december 2011 exhibition

at High Culture gallery in Maastricht involved several french artists. Starting in the 1950's is the work of Hiquily, a friend of artists like Tajiri, Cesar and Tinguely. One of the first to work with 'direct metal' ; bending and soldering the metal instead of using the foundry.

Daniel Hourdé is working in the style of the old Greek sculptors in regard to the symbolism and posture in his statues. In the end, a direct communication between posture, language and an anatomical figure delivers a strong image.

Max Streicher is known for his enormous blow up figures. His photo's are available to the public in a way to posses and stimulate the blow ups. His unique photo's are the short exposure of blown up figures in the photography dark room.

Chloe Daniel is a younger artist with a vivid use of the brush. Her work is super fast in accuracy.

last but not least is the porcelain western symbols of li lihong. A couple of hundred years ago, we brought porcelain from china to Europe and painted our own designs on to them.

Li Lihong is reversing the process by using known western commercial symbols and applying the Chinese drawings on the arc of McDonald or the apple of the late Steve Jobs.

More on each artist on www.highculture.eu

Bronze and aluminium sculptures are presented by Jos Laven. Strange assemblies caught in bronze are looking at us. The sculptures make us smile, this is the work of the ... professor!

Bas Hamans focuses on the subconscious and dreams in an attempt to exceed the bounds of reason. Bas Hamans seems to explore his own fears and fantasies and put it through symbolic images on canvas in his own style. The earthy tones give a sultry atmosphere on bare bones roasted in the desert. Skin and muscles have given way to the creamy white jawbone.

Eefje Bouwkamp is creating an architectural dreamworld. With mathmatical precision Eefje gives birth to a believable parallel world. Step into the realm of the constructed matrix !

About the exhibition: Speed, design and robots.

In a society, people have admired the explorers and inventors. With artists like Leonardo da Vinci a cross over between art and inventions became part of the same subject or had a common ground. Through western history we can find artists who were on the lookout for new ways to express themselves and, sometimes by accident, found new technological theories and practical use of machinery. This exhibition broadens the view on this matter with the presentation of renowned and young artists.

With the Futurism, artists were on the lookout to investigate matters like the future, admired speed, technology, youth and violence, the car, the airplane and the industrial city, all that represented the technological triumph of humanity over nature. They would explorer the new and unknown, brought to them in a time where there were many things new to them. The exhibition ' speed, design and robots' is a continuation of this search. The artists presented have several things in common like the fascination for the future of the robot and his appearance back in the day ( Miguel Fernandez, Lassahn ) or the superhuman by Max Boufathal. New forms come to live by the 3d laserprints by Peter Jansen, the visitor is surprised by the possibilities we now have regarding new sculptures and it's accessibility. We can redefine movement and speed, make it visible.

We can dream about the format of an aircraft or a new city ( Jan Doms ) or visualize speed in the classic way ( Dick van Wijk, Manfred Hamm, Florian Schluifer ) or the new way ( Shinkichi Tajiri, Puk ).

High culture gallery has presented the renowned artist Japanese / USA artist Shinkichi Tajiri several times. Shinkichi Tajiri was fascinated by the motivations of mankind. He found 3 pillars on which mankind acted: speed, violence and erotism. This exhibition is curated with these themes in mind. But found other themes to be great motivators to mankind today. Perhaps it is not a coincidence that the first letters of this exhibition Speed, Design 'n Robots are similar to Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n Roll.

Olivier van Wijk


Location II

Young Culture Gallery - Keizer karelplein 5, Maastricht


Jos Laven | Bas Hamans | Eefje Bouwkamp

sculptures | paintings | collages

Situated opposite of High Culture Art Gallery, you will find Young Culture Gallery on the other side of the picturesque square.

Olivier van Wijk


Www.highculture.eu ( famous artists)

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