conditions of sale


It is High Culture’s policy to request any new clients or buyers preferring to make a payment (of 25.000 euro or more) to provide proof of identity (by providing some form of government issued identification containing a photograph, such as a passport, identity card or driver’s licence) and confirmation of permanent address.

Prior to price negotiations of 125.000 euro or more, a bank guarantee and letter of intent are to be provided by the buyer client. Also information of all companies/ charities involved are kindly requested to provide a company number, VAT number and address of residency. Thank you for your co-operation.

Bank transfers should be made to:

Rabobank Roermond, Holland

company: Van Wijk & Van Wijk High Culture

IBAN NL09 RABO 0157 0487 13


Chambre of Commerce: 14127874

VAT: NL.821851639.B01

Please include your name and invoice number with your instructions to your bank. Please note that we reserve the right to decline payments received from anyone other than the buyer of record and that clearance of such payments will be required. Please contact us if you have any questions concerning clearance. An administrative fee is charged for payment by Mastercard and Visa. We reserve the right to seek identification of the source of funds received.

Collection of Purchases

Purchases can only be collected after payment in full (cost our) in cleared funds has been made and appropriate identification has been provided. All property will be available during, or after each session of sale on presentation of the paid invoice with the release authorization from High Culture. Should an item sold by High Culture not be collected by the buyer immediately after the sale, those items will be stored at the buyer’s risk and expense and then transferred to a storage facility designated by High Culture at the buyer’s risk and expense. All charges due to the storage facility shall be met in full by the buyer before collection of the property by the buyer.

We recommend to our buyer clients to contact High Culture in order to organise the shipment of their purchases before payment has been cleared. Once the sale is complete, the items may be transferred to a third party warehouse.

Please note that handling costs and storage fees are borne by High Culture or a third party until the sale, but will be at the buyer’s expense after this time. The buyer client is obligated to provide sufficient proof of allocation (and payed customs) to another country upon shipment if vat rules demand.

Insurance. High Culture or a third party accepts liability for loss or damage to items until the date of the sale (including the date of the sale). After that period, the purchased lots are at the Buyer’s sole responsibility for insurance.

Dutch law is applicable. Payment for purchases is due in Euros. Items are non-refundable. Access to privately owned art objects can be requested by the artist and High Culture and is mandatory. Vastari London is our agent in such cases; . Product prices, c.o.s and configuration are subject to change without prior notice.

GESCHILLEN (Complaints)

    1. Geschillen welke tussen partijen mochten ontstaan naar aanleiding van een tussen partijen gesloten overeenkomst of naar aanleiding van nadere overeenkomsten die daarvan het gevolg zijn, worden beslecht door middel van arbitrage bij de stichting DigiTrage, gevestigd te Utrecht.

    2. De procedure verloopt via in overeenstemming met het Procesreglement van de stichting DigiTrage. Het Procesreglement wordt op voornoemde website gepubliceerd. Het Procesreglement kan ook bij de gebruiker van deze algemene voorwaarden worden opgevraagd en maakt deel uit van de overeenkomst tussen partijen.

    3. Iedere partij heeft tevens het recht zich te wenden tot de burgerlijke rechter zolang het geschil niet is voorgelegd aan de stichting DigiTrage.

    4. In het geval de gebruiker van deze algemene voorwaarden een geschil voorlegt aan de stichting DigiTrage maar de klant geeft de voorkeur aan een procedure bij de burgerlijke rechter, moet dit door de klant binnen één maand na voorlegging schriftelijk kenbaar worden gemaakt. Deze bepaling is enkel van toepassing voor de klant welke in de hoedanigheid van consument een overeenkomst heeft gesloten met de gebruiker.