Bronze bird

Plaatsingsdatum: Sep 18, 2013 9:54:41 AM

Bronze bird sculpture by sculptor O. Van Wijk: romantic dynamic and playful art.A solid bronze sculpture on Belgium granite soccle

Edition: 1 of 8 pieces

The bird sculpture is 'without title' but refers to the wish of mankind to fly and ultimately to be free. The birds wings and tail are spread out and gains a momentum of full flight. It's appearance is romantic and playful. The green patina in combination with the bronze polished parts give the bird a dynamic feel to it.

The soccle is made of a grayish granite from Belgium and is solid.

The weight is 2 kilogram in total.

Total dimensions

H: 23 cm

L: 15 cm

W: 11 cm

( height soccle is 8 cm)