High Culture Gallery is now accepting Bitcoin !

Bitcoin is a form of digital currency and its “creation and transfer is based on an open source encryption protocol and is not managed by any central authority” (wikipedia)

Technology is changing the art world - High Culture Gallery is active nationally and internationally and is therefore accustomed to extrinsic currencies-which makes digital currency a logical step for the Gallery to take.

Have a nice day!

High Culture Gallery, located at Keizer Karelplein 8c, is a beloved place for both tourists and locals alike. Entries in the guestbook label it the swellest place in Maastricht. Visitors from all over the world enjoy a wide range of free exhibitions, lectures and concerts. It is with great pleasure that the brother-sister duo Olivier and Coco van Wijk present us with exceptional art and design.With the support of local entrepreneurs, family, and university/academy graduates, High Culture Gallery delivers a friendly visitors' place.

The exhibition program is greatly inspired by the works of Shinkichi Tajiri whose “au courant” work is technically developed and progressive.

Each week, the craftsmanship and originality of both renowned and young artists can be admired; a unique, eclectic collection that draws the attention of both national and international visitors.

The majority of artists' works which are featured at High Culture Gallery have already earned their places at major museums and collections.

The art can be purchased with Visa, Mastercard, Pin and Bitcoin