Plaatsingsdatum: Dec 06, 2016 3:25:6 PM

we love getting an ice cream in Italy. Even in the smallest villages you will find some lovely flavors. This is a tribute... there must be a competition somewhere to vote for the best ice cream. Perhaps this will be an award. ;-)

pure speed is the inspiration regarding the golden race car. the simple and minimalist form emphasizes the essence of the race on the circuit.

specs car 24krt gold

granite / wood / stainless steel / iron / gold leaf

weight: 437 grams

height 11 cm

width: 9,5 cm

length: 6,5 cm

specs ice cream 24krt gold

weight: 360 grams

granite / wood/ stainless steel / gold leaf

height 11 cm

width: 9,5 cm

length: 6 cm

including granite soccle: 6x6x3 cm

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